Thursday 21 July 2011


Landed! After one very bumpy flight I'm finally in Serbia. Hard to believe, and it's great to be here. So many impressions from the past few days, so here are a few images to say their thousands of words.

The view from my window at Hostel Captain. Nice place, but damn this city is hottttt.

My first meal on Skadarska Street, Sopska Salad and the legendary Cevapcici, which are basically skinless sausages topped with chopped onion. I was a bit underwhelmed by the Cevapcici but I'm sure I'll have more chances to compare.

One of the things I was wondering about before I got here was how accesible the music I was looking for was going to be. In Belgrade, I had to walk about 300 feet from my hostel to find a street packed with restaurants, with a band in each restaurant. The music ranged from "Somewhere over the Rainbow" to waltzes to some Saban Bajramovic hits. This is a shot of a band that was rocking the hardest. They were playing for a private party, hence the "I'm not invited" angle of the photo.

I'm impressed by how virtually everyone in the restuarant I went to was singing along with the band. Not just mouthing the words, but belting it out with the singer. Also notable are the total lack of song endings, at least with the band I heard. They were very accomplished musicians but each of the songs dribbled out with a few extra thumps or plucks. Not the classic Serbian V/I end I have come to expect. Much more to see and hear, but I'm happy to discover that finding music will be about as difficult as finding a restaurant.

Central square, Belgrade.

Confluence of the Danube and Sava Rivers

I like how this is more a description than advice. Not sure if it comes off the same way in Serbian.

Signs of earlier times in Belgrade.

The Belgrade zoo is a very bizarre place. Not so free on the range but the animals seem content.

I am impressed how small and specific stores can be here. This one sells heels for women's shoes, which, I see, are in extremely high demand. I have seen similar sized stores selling crackers and sewing machines.

View from the Students square.


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