Tuesday 10 December 2013

Tone shift

It's been just over a year since my last post on this blog and a lot has happened in that year, the most significant of which is a new job working as accordionist for New Orleans' Panorama Jazz Band, and a full uproot from Maine, which has been my home base for the past several years.

Now living in one of the richest musical hubs of North America, I find myself surrounded by music and musicians, in a culture and economy that make it all possible. As strong as the culture of musicianship is here, there is not much in the way of Romani music with the exception of the band I play in, and it's carnival formation, the Panorama Brass Band.

Nevertheless, a lot of the ideas and issues I thought about in my musical travels in Serbia are resurfacing, and I would be remiss not to flesh some of these ideas out if only because it doesn't fit into the department of Romani or Balkan music. So, for those of you who have followed my posts over the past few years (and I'm kind of surprised how numerous you are) I am going to revive this blog in the coming days and will be writing about life and music as I experience it here in New Orleans, and hopefully catch up on some lapsed posts from the past busy year.

Stay tuned, more from my perspective on music and life coming soon.