Thursday 4 August 2011

Harmonika Ljuba - Accordion Love


This is my accordion teacher, Ljuba. I don't have too many words to describe what an amazing musician he is, so I'm not going to bother at this point. 
Here is Ljuba late one night. I'm pretty sure this solo was a dedicated attempt to woo a student here, it worked a spell on us all.

Here is Ljuba and Dragan, the younger brother of the household. Dragan is the bandleader of KAL, one of the few Serbian Romani Bands that have enjoyed a level of international success. They fall in the camp of Balkan Beat Box and Gogol Bordello - playing traditional music in the context of contemporary music fashion and demand, complete with samples and skanked guitar.

How family members living far away stay in touch, Valjevo-style.

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Ann M. said...

Hey Matt, thanks for the cultural glimpse! What does this stuff look like on paper? Are those groups of whole notes peppered with series' of 500th notes or what? Anyway- it all looks and sounds very, very cool.

Ann M.