Thursday 18 August 2011

Tamburica takeover

One of the highlights of last week was when a tamburica band from Vojvodina, northern Serbia showed up for an evening of music making. As was the case with the brass band I wrote about in an earlier post, these got out of the van, tuned, and started playing. They stopped playing about five hours later, with no break or signs of slowing down.

To my amazement, this band has no name. They all come from the same town, and as it was to explained to me, they are a subgroup of a few dozen musicians there who all share the same repertoire. This particular formation is one variation that might include all, some, or none of them tomorrow or the next day.

This is a pretty radical concept when compared to the culture of music making in the US that pushes brand identity before content. These guys are veteran musicians who fucking rock, and they don't have a name for their band.

They played their guts out. The videos don't do justice to the music or the vibe but they are a nice token from one my favorite musical evenings ever.

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